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Love Found Us
2014-03-31 14:09:53
We didn't seek God. We, in fact, turned away from God. But God sought after us. God's love found US. God cared for us so much that He continued to shower us in love when we showed no interest in Him at all. Now I'm forever changed. How about you?
Christian rock band VOTA started a campaign with an organization called Tiny Hands International and all donations from their "Love Found Me" campaign go directly to Tiny Hands International and putting an end to human trafficking in Nepal.

You can download VOTA's album, "Love Found Me" for FREE at www.lovefoundme.org

I had the chance to meet VOTA a couple weeks ago, and they have such a heart for ministry, and a heart for the Lord. I told them I would write an article about them. I wanted to post it last week (the day after I saw them in concert) but was rather disappointed to find that the internet had no lyric videos that did this song justice. So I decided to make my own video. I put this together from scratch using Windows Movie Maker. Hope you enjoy it, I spent a long time on it. But it was a lot of fun too.
Thank you, VOTA for doing what you do and making a difference across the world. ^^
My video for "Love Found Me" by VOTA:

VOTA- Love Found Me Lyrics from iceberg365 on GodTube.

He Makes All Things New
2014-03-18 14:09:12
One of my favorite verses ever, it's even on my website background picture, is 2 Corinthians 5:17. It says that if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, and he has become a new creation. When you accept Christ as your Savior, and allow Him to come live inside of you, God makes you a complete and new creation. He takes away all the things you have done in your past, and lets you live for Him as a brand new person. God can make all things new, even you. ^^

Here is a live version with lyrics of "All Things New" by Rapture Ruckus.

Do You Know What Grace Looks Like?
2014-03-09 22:32:36
God shows us grace in so many ways. If you just look around, you will find the small things God does to help us get through the day. He gives us sunlight each day, and helps guide us through our busy lives. He enables us to show love and grace to others, and gives us opporturities to spread His love around. If you want to know what grace looks like, seek the Lord and He will show you. ^^
"What Grace Looks Like" by 33 Miles:

The Same God
2014-02-24 16:24:07
I saw a book at a store the other day, titled "The Bible: 50 NEW Ways It Can Change Your Life." The emphasis was on "NEW." Obviously it was meant to grab your attention, (it sure caught mine) but there are no "NEW" things in the Bible. There's just things we haven't yet comprehended as humans. God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow (Hebrews 13:8). The same God that has brought you into your circumstance is the same God that will bring you out of your troubles. God has not changed, and God cannot learn anything new. He knows all things. ^^
"Same God" by Newsong:

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