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I'm Not A Commodity
2014-09-02 23:21:10
I've had the privilege of meeting Remedy Drive twice now, just in the last few months. Lead singer David Zach has been so supportive of my ministry and guitarist Dave Mohr sacrificed his thumb nail he uses as his guitar pick to open a CD for me. (thanks again Dave!) Oh yeah, and did I mention that happened after the second-to-last show before a break on the tour!

I saw RD in concert again this past Sunday. Just a couple of songs in, it started to POUR rain. Big drops that hurt when they hit you, sometimes it almost felt like a hailstone! You were instantly SOAKED and I started shivering right away. I had an umbrella, but I used it to shield my backpack containing my cell phone, and camera instead of myself (Heroic sacrifice, right?). It was a small umbrella I had bought specifically for that weekend, to shade me from the SUN when needed. (But it wouldn't block anyone else's view!) Didn't see the "Sun" hardly all weekend! Saw the "Son" everywhere I looked though.

Most of the thousands of people that made up the audience at this music festival ran for cover, but a few hundred stayed. I was one of those! David decided we should all just belt out the title track to RD's new album, "Commodity", as he put it, "Till it stops." Well, the rain didn't even let up for several minutes after Remedy Drive left the stage, and "Commodity" was their final song of that performance.

My Dad and I immediately high-tailed it to the Merchandise building, to talk to RD, and so we could begin the process of "drip-drying."

I got the new "Commodity" album, with a special "DJ discount", thanks SO much David!

And the reason all this amazes me so much, is I am a nobody. October 2012, when I slipped down a ditch in my grandparents' pasture and badly and traumatically broke my ankle and my leg, is when this ride began. God started unfolding in my mind all these things I was to do, but I had to wait a full four months of not being able to walk before I could do anything with my new found knowledge. It taught me to be patient though. Then July 2013 I had a second surgery, to remove the 8 screws and metal plate that were put in the October before. I was only down a week that time though. And you haven't really been able to stop me since. God is so good!

So the lesson in all this: Don't ever let anybody ever tell you don't matter, that you're unimportant, that you can't do anything, to further God's Kingdom or otherwise. You matter dearly to the God of the universe. You are a soul to Him, that He created with His own hands in His own image. You are not a Commodity.

I made this lyric video myself, since lyric videos for this brand new song don't really exist yet. I am honored to be one of the first creators of a lyric video for this beautiful song! Hope you like it (My video and the song...mostly the song)! ^^

"Commodity" by Remedy Drive:

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